Maine New Hampshire Wedding Event Planning, Floral and Lighting DesignKate Martin
Spring is all about planning the garden and waiting anxiously for the first blooms to appear. My idea of the perfect summer day is playing at the beach with friends, family, kids, dogs, horseshoes and plenty of inner tubes and rafts. Fall is full of birthday parties, bon fires and anniversaries. My favorite winter sport is right in our backyard, sledding through the woods at night down a path lit by tiki torches. I embrace the times I gather my nearest and dearest to celebrate love, life, friendship and family.

With Beautiful Days I am so fortunate to be able to take my professional and life experiences and create a company that I am proud of. I am honored to be a part of each clients' special celebration and to help create their most beautiful and memorable days.

Photo credit: Brea McDonald

I grew up with an ocean view thanks to a bold decision Mom and Dad made in 1971 to move from the high rises of New York City to the beaches of Nantucket. I discovered the food, beauty and art of Italy at 18 because Mom and Dad allowed me to go it alone. In college I insisted that a party wasn't a party without blender drinks and paper umbrellas. I photographed families at the top of the ski slopes in Telluride and accepted nothing less than broad, genuine and sometimes goofy smiles. During my tenure as a dessert chef I baked a three-tiered chocolate and buttercream cake in the shape of a star for my mom's 50th birthday; it barely fit through the door and lit the entire room. As a gardener on Nantucket I tended some of the most beautiful flower beds and landscapes. One winter I escaped the cold by striking out with a backpack and my camera to Central America. It was an adventure that still inspires me today. Working for one of the most talented interior designers in San Francisco, I cultivated my knowledge and aesthetic sense for color, design, architecture and the things in life that make a house a home.
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