Many beautiful days….


Over the holidays I received a few birth announcements from past clients showing off their first born. I love getting these! As much joy as I get in sharing my clients’ wedding celebrations it makes my heart warm knowing that they are starting a family. This is a good reminder that after your fantastic wedding day has come and gone there are more beautiful days ahead that define what being married is all about.

This past summer my husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary. I am amazed by how fast the years have gone by, how much we have accomplished, how much we still want to do and by how blessed we are everyday especially now that we have a wonderful two year old. We decided to renew our vows with the same minister who married us on the same spot on the beach on Nantucket where we stood 10 years ago. This time it was just us with our son and two very close friends but it still had the same feeling…a lot of love. After 10 years of marriage it was also a great way for us to remember what is really important in our lives and why we said “I do” in the first place.

So yes, you do deserve a gorgeous, flawless, beautiful wedding day but when you are fretting over linen colors, what cake flavor to choose or where to sit Aunt Betty remember that 10 years from now you will forget all these little things and remember all the love.

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