Mad Science Birthday Party

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This past week or so I’ve been planning and scheming for Wyatt’s upcoming 9th birthday party -whew nine ! It’s happening! I am raising a boy who all too quickly wants to become a man- please world stop rotating and let me catch my breath!  I was taking a few minutes to look for some snaps from the past and I of course ended up going down the photo rabbit hole…. I am scrolling thru photos searching for just one “Argh where is it! I l know it’s here somewhere! What wedding was it? What year was it? What year IS it?” and I land on a gorgeous wedding we did four years ago and then smile to myself knowing that the couple already have a baby (or two) or distracting myself with the video of Wyatt eating cheerios for the first time  -oh my gosh he was soooo stinking cute!!!- reminiscing over last year’s time on the beach then wondering why the hell have I not made an album of the last family adventure…Yesterday I landed on pics from his Mad Science 6th birthday party which I will say was pretty cool.  Now I am prone to over excitement about all the possibilities for a kiddo party and think it’s a cop out if I just don’t go for it! I don’t know what makes me do it . I’m a smart person, I know it’d be easier to take 10 screaming, sweaty, sugar pumped kids to laser tag and they would have a blast, it’d probably cost me alot less money, time, effort and stress….it’d also make the husband’s honey do list ALOT shorter but nope….there are projects that include power tools, paint, paper, late night searching on google, pinterest, and amazon, glitter, whistles and bells…trips to Michaels Crafts AND Home Depot, ladders to climb and treats to make. All this for what ends up being a three hour party during which I am hoping the kids are having fun, that they all get along, that they pay attention to me, that one of them doesn’t have a severe allergy reaction to the Belgian white chocolate that I put in the (handmade of course) birthday cake, that there are no injuries…and most importantly that my boy has an awesome time! I will say one of the best compliments I’ve had in my now 12 years of officially planning parties came from a five year old….apparently one of Wyatt’s buddies suggested his mom call me to help her with his upcoming birthday party because “Wyatt’s mom makes really great parties!” Word kid! That will keep me motivated for years!

Enjoy Wyatt’s Mad Science 6th Birthday Party-  full of glowing goo, bubbles, squiggly worms, tornadoes, radioactive treats, things that pop and fizz and a whole lot of super cute kiddos!

1 Mad-Science-3

2 Mad-Science-2

3 DSC_0957

4 DSC_0958

5 DSC_0970

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9 mad science birthday party snacks

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13 Mad-Science-4

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