Inspiration from the kitchen.

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This past season I was very fortunate to work with Stacey Glassman who is the owner and master of creative cuisine extraordinaire of Swan’s Way Catering. Stacey is not only a fantastic caterer but her creative displays using vegetables, fruits and flowers are so inspiring to me. Taking something as simple as a brussel sprout plant and putting it in a vase is dramatic, organic and beautiful. I think I had Stacey’s vision in the back of my head the otherday as I was taking out some swiss chard to add to the ricotta mix for a lasagna. The dramatic red vein of the plant against the forest green leaf was so graphic and intense and captivating I had to take a photo……this led to my thought of somehow incorporating more unique edibles in my arrangements. In the past I have used limes, apples, dried plant pods, interesting vines and tropical leaves in my floral designs but I am always keeping my eye out for ideas that keep my creative energy flowing. I have a wedding show coming up on February 15 in York and I can’t wait to highlight an arrangement with the vase lined with swiss chard. I also have some ideas about using wired strawberries which I will play with… if you’re having a hard time figuring out your colors or finding a special something to make your wedding details unique you may want to have a look in your refrigerator!

I’ll gush more about Stacey and highlight some photos from the two weddings we collaborated on in a future posts. In the meantime be sure to visit her website.
If you are in the York area on Sunday February 15 please come visit me at the York Wedding Expo hosted by the Greater York Chamber of Commerce. It’s a wonderful show with many of the best event vendors in the area showcasing their talents.

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