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Our fearless leader Kate was Real Maine Weddings first featured expert in their new “Ask the Expert” column. Some highlights are:

On Design…

“My first line of advice is go with your heart… Go with what you love, with what speaks to you, and you can’t go wrong.”

“Start with broad strokes identifying the feeling you want on the day, the colors, what’s most important to you—then get more detailed from there. And then go for a walk, take a few deep breaths, and have a cocktail.”

On Money…

“Oy! If only there was a formula that worked for all budgets! Don’t pay attention to the online budget estimators—those tend to take into consideration national averages, which do not adequately represent the market you are “shopping” in.”

“Don’t invite so many people… People love Maine and are just waiting for the excuse to make the trip! And Maine is hip and you are so awesome that of course they are coming! So either come up with at least another $25,000 or more to entertain the 200 who will be at your wedding, or tighten up that list!”

On Doing it Yourself…

“The cost of having someone produce something for you on Etsy is short money for the pain and suffering you will endure making all those hand-painted dessert and directional signs.”

For all her words of wisdom, read the full article here.

Photo by Brea McDonald Photography