Hurricane Danny can’t keep a good wedding down!

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Every bride and groom who are planning a coastal Maine wedding need to be prepared for any kind of weather regardless of the season…it could snow in April, sleet in October, rain all day long in June but hurricane in August!? Yes Hurricane Danny was Matt and Ashley’s loud, beligerant, obnoxious, univited guest at their wedding this summer. Some couples would lose it, break into tears that rivaled the rains, call the whole thing off when faced with the fact that mother nature was going to commandeer their perfect seaside summer wedding but NOT Matt and Ashley! Such a cool, fun, fantastic couple..they stayed calm, shrugged their shoulders and knew they were going to have a great celebration no matter what. Thankfully we were at the Newagen Seaside Inn, one of coastal Maine’s most beautiful wedding locations which is staffed by an amazing crew headed by the wonderful Jason Schlosser and we were able to move the party inside instead of the being in the tent by the water. Matt and Ashley did however use the tent for the rehearsal dinner which was decorated with fantastic wasp catcher lanterns provided by the groom’s sister and friends and family were able to take in the gorgeous seaside views. Sure enough the next day the winds blew hard, the rain didn’t stop and the seas were churning. Inside we created a warm ceremony space in the lobby using all the ceremony flowers that were planned for outside and as many lanterns I could get out of the tent before I was blown into the sea. The inn’s dining room was bright and lovely with fresh white linens, white chairs and seasonal flowers from Blooms of Hope against the grey skies outside and the Lisa Love Experience ROCKED the party ! There was a lot of love in that room and the vibe had everyone smiling, dancing and singing all night long…especially Matt and Ashley who I just adore and love that they embraced the fact that despite the weather they were still surrounded by their nearest and dearest and were getting married no matter what the weather! It was truly a beautiful day and I am so honored to have been a part of it.

One very special piece was going to be missed on that day…the quintessential seaside, summer day photos. Ashley had the brilliant idea of having their phenomenal (and all around awesome person!) wedding photographer Brian Wedge come back the following Monday to capture those seaside shots. And they are gorgeous!

Congratulations to Matt and Ashley! Now I know who to party with the next time a hurricane strikes!

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