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All kinds of fun, fabulous and sometimes silly ideas come up in the Beautiful Days office. Some get cast aside while others  – the very special  – actually follow the course from idea to planning and making it happen to the final product. Often enough it is an endeavor that ends up being more layers, thought and trips to iparty and Michaels Crafts than expected but in usual fashion I just go for it and see what happens!  In general this arc is typically how the designs for Beautiful Days’ clients evolve – from ideas and inspiration, to planning, sorting out all the details to the grand finale of the wedding day.

Enjoy a glimpse into the project to produce our recent Valentines Day card. Hopefully this will inspire you to have fun, play and always go with your heart (and what makes you laugh most!) The kind of work I call “creative adventuring.”

IT TAKES A CREW… to make this kind of magic….special thanks to Brea McDonald of Brea McDonald Photography for working through the set up, capturing all the fun and laughing as hard as I did and to Event Manager Sarah Lentz who managed drifting balloons like a champ.

PLANNING: When working through an idea there are always sketches, “chicken scratch” notes, and a loosely plotted plan of action. Before jumping into our “bursting with love” project I sketched out the  the “build”, what the final piece would look like as well as outlining the production process. This helped me wrap my head around what was cooking as well as relating the plan of attack to Sarah and Brea. 

Planning GIF

PROCESS:  I don’t think I’ve laughed this much in a LONG time! Sorting out the glitter to confetti ratio, keeping the balloons afloat, lining them up, remembering to wear safety glasses….I think we made 30 balloons, 6 popped, 7 didn’t float because I was over zealous with the confetti …so many variables! 

Process GIF

OUTTAKES!: Yes balloons popped in my face, confetti flying everywhere, but I was in it to win it and took a few explosions for the team. What you don’t see are Brea and Sarah giggling and laughing the whole time. 

Outtakes GIF

FINAL: Here’s the final “card”… producing the actual movie was a whole other learning curve in creating GIFs, layering graphics over photos, sorting through all the photos -whew! Thank goodness Sarah dove right in with out hesitation! Hmmm…now what will we do next? 

2016 Valentine GIF

PS: What a fun concept for a save the date or special announcement!!! You give us the idea and we’ll make happen!