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I am in full spring gardening mode and love checking out all the local greenhouses and the farmer’s market for unique flowers and inspiration. A few weeks ago I found gorgeous opal basil at a farm that will be perfect for next weeks wedding flowers. The flower color range is dark to light purples and the basil will add a gorgeous, velvety ,deep purple accent.

Opal Basil

Opal Basil

This morning I struck out to the local farmer’s market to look for purple kale and other unique flowers and edibles for this same wedding. I didn’t find the kale I wanted but did sit and share a scone with my son Wyatt and listed to a great bluegrass band called Rock Spring The first song they played was Pachelbel’s Canon in D, one of the traditional processional songs for wedding ceremonies. You wouldn’t expect to hear this from a bluegrass band but it sounded so cool and fun and different…the key word being different! I do love the traditional strings for ceremonies but having a bluegrass band put a spin on those traditional songs is what makes a wedding stand out from all the rest.

So don’t be afraid to hire that steel drum player you heard at a local club, book the blue grass band for your ceremony or to ask your florist to create a design using unexpected elements…seek out inspiration in unexpected places, create your own traditions and infuse your celebration with pieces that make you smile. All your guests will smile along with you!

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